Why Grand Strategy Games are making move from PC to Console

Why Grand Strategy Games are making move from PC to Console


Why Grand Strategy Games are making move from PC to Console

Grand Strategy Game is otherwise known as a war game. This genre of video game is a reflection of a historical era in the evolution of the real world. For instance, it portrays a particular period of war, international events or military occurrences that marked a watershed in the development of a nation.

The Grand Strategy Game (GSG) is concerned with the creation of tactics and mapped-out plans towards the attainment of a specific goal. The formation of a grand strategy requires an analysis of a region’s resources and the utilization of such resources in the actualisation of a purposeful target in the interest of the nation.

Why Grand Strategy Games are making move from PC to Console

It also requires the identification of a nation’s antagonist and her predicaments. The necessity of a national strategy that will work to combat these oppositions in war times is therefore apt hence, the country is faced with unravelling the best strategy through military, political, economic or diplomatic forces.

Indisputably, GSG is a game that is largely played on PC. This type of games have gained prominence among PC gamers with Command & Conquer being the first of its kind to be introduced to PC in 1996. Since then, virtually all GSG have been better suited for PCs.

In 2018, things took a twist and turn when the Swedish video game publishing company Paradox Interactive – an industry leading company in the production of video games – announced its decision to develop a replica of strategy games for console devices. The idea birthed the creation of Stellaris becoming the first grand strategy game on console.

Skill and Performance

It is also important to note that strategy is not a prerogative of war games only – actually, strategic thinking is welcomed in board games, RPGs, sports and most importantly card games. The casino industry, where card counting has proven to be a very effective strategy at Blackjack over the years, encourages players to use their cognitive capacities to the max. Skills derived from continuous card game sessions are useful in grand strategy games too. Thus, an informative guide to Blackjack card counting becomes a necessity to aid the understanding of this strategy in casino gaming and many other game genres.

As a result of its consistency in giving the player an advantage over the dealer on the next hand, the card counting strategy in Blackjack is now seen as a preferred method as against the basic strategy in card counting.

From PC to Console: Why the paradigm shift for Grand Strategy Games?

Ascertaining the efficiency and excellent level of performance between PC and console for gaming has always been a subject of debate among most gamers. While the majority of gamers believe that the PC’s performance is better when compared to console in the aspect of grand strategy games, it is important to note that console devices are also very effective and guarantee efficient performance when used for strategy games.

In similar vein, the availability of a multitude of strategy games on PlayStation and Xbox since its earlier introduction to consoles four years ago is a pontification to the fact that consoles have an effective performance level when used to play strategy games. If otherwise, an array of grand strategy games will not have arrived on console devices sooner. The likes of strategy games such as Crusader Kings 3, Pikmin 3, and XCOM 2 etc. that were earlier known to be PC games have now arrived PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series and have widely attracted fans of console games.

Cost of Purchase

The cost of obtaining a PC or console device is among the reasons that have informed the decision of strategy gamers to move from PC to console. PCs are generally expensive compared to consoles. A quality console device such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox sells around the range of $400 to $500. Unlike a high-end PC’s price that could run up to $2000 and more. Though there may exist salient differences in the functionality of console devices and PC, the bottom line remains that there are little or no differences in the level of experience to be derived when using both for grand strategy games.

Durability and Ease of Use

Durability is an essential feature of console devices. PlayStation, Xbox series, etc. are very durable as they stand the test of time and work for a long period of time compared to PCs. At the same time, they are associated with very minimal and quite controllable technical or troubleshooting problems.
On the other hand, in spite of the fact that some PCs are quite durable, the likelihood of its component parts to diminish in productivity early as time wears on is high as such, does not serve a good fit for GSG gamers in the long run.

In addendum, a console device requires no technical formality in its operation. It can be put to use immediately after purchase as opposed to PCs that may require some technical set ups.


It is therefore safe to conclude that Grand Strategy Games are gaining more prominence in console as against PC owing to the reasons specified above.