Ensure the best internet connection speed for online gaming

Ensure the best internet connection speed for online gaming


Ensure the best internet connection speed for online gaming

Just imagine you were on the verge of winning a thrilling match. You were about to fire the final shot to slay the enemy, and just then, things froze. Instead of coming through instantly, the shot is delayed by a few seconds. What causes more heartburn is when you find out that your opponent had won the battle as their shot came through before yours.

It is what we call a game lag. It's caused when there's a delay between the player's action and the game server's reaction. It's one of the most frustrating things a gamer faces apart from the internet dropping. You are sharper and faster than your opponent, yet you lose since your connection wasn't fast enough.

Fortunately for you and other gamers, many things can be done to eliminate game lags and enjoy a smooth gaming experience. We bring you the most common ones.

Get your router closer

Your wireless signals can be obstructed by furniture, walls, floor, and other physical objects. Therefore, we suggest that you move your router closer to your computer or gaming console so that they receive stronger signals taking a more direct route between the two.

You may still experience lag after doing so. The connection may deteriorate even more, or you might fail to get the router closer to your devices. In that case, we suggest that you change your gaming position. Try to place your console at a different angle. You can also fire up your internet connection by reducing signal interference. Just make sure that devices and gadgets like microwaves, wireless speakers, or mobiles aren't kept close to the router. If possible, try to avoid using them when you are gaming.

Ensure lower latency

Latency is when the data takes to travel between the source and the destination. With high latency, your game will be responding to your commands slower. When you ask the characters in your game to move forward, you'll find a delay of a few seconds before they do so, and in a fast game, even a few seconds matter. To remove this lag, get high-speed internet with low latency.

The data packets travel to the destination following a route that's usually not direct. You'll see different points on the road. A longer way translates into more stops causing long delays. Therefore, you need to keep your router close to the console/computer.

Check for proper internet speed and bandwidth

You still need a speed of 15-20Mbps for interruption-free gaming. Of course, everything lower than 20Mbps is at risk of entering the lag zone. Mostly all above 20 Mbps speed should be enough for enjoyable gaming.

Another factor you need to consider is bandwidth. If you or other people in your household choose to carry on online activities like video chatting, surfing, streaming a movie while playing, it takes a toll on your bandwidth. Streaming videos or downloading files causes strain on the bandwidth more than playing games do. Carrying out activities on the internet simultaneously will slow down your internet, hampering your gaming if you lack enough bandwidth to support performing them.

Use an Ethernet cable

You might live in a household where you share the Wi-Fi connection with other family members or your housemates. You might end up inconveniencing someone or even offending someone if you ask them to stop using the internet for a while when you are gaming.

Squeezing out the time to play games when others in your house are outside or not using the net isn’t an ideal situation. What do you do? You use an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the router.

You’ll notice your ping lower drastically if there's no problem with the router. An Ethernet cable also ensures a more stable connection apart from revving it up.

Prevent ISP throttling

Sometimes, your PC’s internet connection can be sluggish even under ideal conditions. It could happen because your Internet Service Provider slows down your traffic intentionally. It could occur during peak hours when many clients are connecting. However, it could make your online gaming impossible. You will face frequent lags and might constantly notice quality drops on your Windows (or another device).

Luckily, you can evade ISP throttling by installing a VPN. A Virtual Private Network masks your IP address and encrypts internet traffic. Thus, ISPs won't be able to detect when you engage in bandwidth-heavy actions.

A VPN is an excellent cure for playing and unblocking FPS games or other online titles you join in with friends or strangers. Thus, you can get a PC VPN to deal with ISP throttling and deliver the best speed possible around the clock. It will mean that you will be able to play even the most intense games even when ISP would normally disrupt your traffic.


You must ensure a stable and fast internet connection for a seamless gaming experience. A latency of even a few seconds can make the difference between winning and losing. Keep your router closer to the console and use an Ethernet cable for faster and more stable connections. Get the necessary internet speed and bandwidth to prevent freezing. Refresh the internet connection by restarting your router. These steps are sure to make you a winner!