Is Mobile Gaming Beginning to Rival Consoles?

Is Mobile Gaming Beginning to Rival Consoles?


Is mobile gaming catching up with consoles and other types of gaming? We took a look at some of the advancements mobile gaming has seen here.

Mobile gaming was once viewed as being simplistic and nothing really compared to what we could see being created on other platforms. After all, how could you compare something on a mobile phone to an expansive open world on PC or console? However, things have now changed, and we have begun to see a shift that could result in mobile gaming to rival that which is offered by console. What has changed? Let’s take a look!

The Launch of the Smartphone

Much of the distance between mobile and console gaming has been made up by the launch and development of the smartphones. Whilst mobiles before this might have had a camera and other functions, they would have paled in comparison compared to what smartphones are able to offer.

We are truly walking around with miniature computers in our pockets! The computing power offered by these devices is even greater than what we have seen from some older consoles. The main argument is usually between whether PC or console is better, but we now have to add smartphones into the mix. They are proving that they can offer in-depth and engaging games that go far beyond classic puzzlers or other games usually associated with the mobile platform.

Improved UI and Graphics

One thing that has helped to propel mobile gaming forward has been the massive leaps taken in terms of graphics and UI design. Players want a game that looks great and is easy to control. The latter is especially important – a game can look as shiny and as high-end as can be, but if players can’t work out how to manage it properly, it will never be popular.

With sites like GGPoker and other mobile platforms offering sleek UIs with updated and modern graphics, mobile players are able to have their basic needs met. No matter what the function and mechanics of the game might be, they will be able to take control of it in a flash. With mobile games, there will always be a genre of indie games that use simplistic 3D modelling and clunky animations. However, the majority of mobile games will be able to deliver the same standards one could expect from the biggest of console developers.

A Shift to Mobile

The introduction of smartphones has meant that many people have actually switched from using computers and other devices to using just their smartphones for many different aspects of their lives. It is thought that about 4.32 billion people regularly use their phones to access the internet, so it is little wonder that some of that population is also gaming.

With more and more people heading online for a variety of reasons, those who are creating mobile games need to ensure that they are able to keep up with other aspects of the industry. Games on consoles are often played online, but they require a stable internet connection and you obviously have to stay put for the entire gaming session. Mobile games can be grabbed on the go. While it is often advised that you play with a Wi-Fi connection, it is not mandatory for many – especially those that might be app-based.

It is entirely fair to say that mobile gaming is beginning to rival consoles. Mobile developers are jumping ahead and they are creating some incredible games that look and play like a dream. While there will always be a market for console games, there is no denying that mobile games are catching up. They are accessible, varied, and easy to play. It is a gamer’s dream.