Latest Game Features to Look Out for 2022

Latest Game Features to Look Out for 2022


Latest Game Features to Look Out for 2022

Video gaming and online games have become bigger and better than ever over the last few years, with players getting to enjoy some of the most visually and technically impressive games ever made. The video game industry is now worth an estimated $90 billion, and developers now have new ways to generate revenue which leads to more impressive and innovative work. Game developers are now adding new and ever more exciting features to their releases, and even indie titles are becoming more ambitious.

2022 looks to be an excellent year for fans of gaming, with loads of high-profile games scheduled for release. Among them, there are plenty of examples of new features that could change the gaming industry forever. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most exciting features that we think will make a big difference in 2022.

Real Money Play

Real money play usually involves gambling on online casino games or sports betting. There are now plenty of online gambling sites that offer great bonuses, such as These sites allow players to wager real money online, but the trend could be included in more video games soon. A number of competitive video gaming services now allow users to sign up and make money battling other players head-to-head. Players can wager money on themselves and challenge others to win their bets. This feature has a lot of potential applications in competitive games, with eSports becoming more popular in recent years.

More Realistic Graphics

Graphics have improved considerably since the days of the original PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Today, AAA games have ultra-realistic graphics that include lots of particle effects and textures of individual blades of grass and strands of hair. As computer processors have gotten more powerful, graphical limitations have been reduced. 4k and even 8k displays will make ultra-HD games look dated and ugly in comparison, and the higher the quality of graphics, the more immersive the games themselves will be. Although graphics aren’t the most important consideration for gamers when it comes to choosing a new game, it definitely makes a difference, and so studios are investing a lot of money into improving graphics engines.

Voice and Facial Recognition

Voice and facial recognition have been around for a long time but so far haven’t featured much in video games. Many of us use voice commands with our mobile devices, and they can make a lot of different tasks much easier. In gaming, voice controls can potentially do away with the need for a joystick and make certain things like inventory management much more intuitive. While it’s unlikely to replace actual games controllers or the keyboard and mouse setup, it definitely has applications in certain areas. Facial recognition can also be utilised in video games, mainly as a way to make your in-game avatar more realistic. A game can scan your face and then recreate it as a 3D digital model, increasing the immersion and allowing you to enter the game world.

Advancements to VR

VR as a technology isn’t new, but the last few years have seen a lot of development in this area. VR headsets are getting more affordable, and the number of games built for VR systems is steadily increasing. Consumers are now a lot more interested, and the technology has improved to the point that these games can be extremely immersive. Players can control the game using hand and body movements as well as using special joysticks to move their avatar through the simulated world. All of the action is then displayed on a screen inside the headset, making the experience incredibly realistic.