Become Skilled At Online Casino Games

Become Skilled At Online Casino Games


Improving your chances

Become Skilled At Online Casino Games

Casinos have fascinated the globe for ages and now online casinos have stepped up. We've all heard those stories of players who have learnt how to beat the system or have some inside information they're willing to share with the masses on how to change your luck when playing online casino games.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at how you can go about making the system work for you. Keep in mind though that there are no fool proof ways to increase your odds of winning with every hand or every spin, but you can make the odds work in your favour to give you a slight edge over online casinos. You might think that casino games are all about luck, but that is far from true. Even the basic slots have a pattern and a way for you to become skilled by learning how it works. The online casinos of today have a wide range of different games, and if you learn what to play and when you will become skilled.

Let's delve a bit deeper into all of this.

The House Edge

Explained in the simplest terms possible, the house edge refers to the difference between what the true odds are and what the casino will pay the player when they win. These odds will usually be quite similar at online casinos around the world; however, the odds will vary drastically depending on the game being played.

Let's take a look at the odds for all casino games which should give you a better idea of which games give you a higher chance of beating the online casino at their own game.

Roulette - Single zero 2.70% / Double Zero 5.26%
Baccarat - Banker 1.06% / Player 1.24% / Tie 14.36%
Blackjack - 0.28%
Caribbean stud poker - 5.22%
Craps - (Vary drastically) - 0.00% to 16.67%
Keno - 25% to 29%
Sic Bo - 2.78% to 33.33%
Slot Machines - 2% to 15%

These are just a few of the games and their accompanying house edges that you'll come across at online casinos. If you really want to take advantage of the odds there are a number of sites online that offer comprehensive lists for players to peruse. They will provide you with vital information as there are loads to take into account. For instance, the game of craps has a ton of bets for players to choose from and every one of them will alter the house edge.

Card Counting

Arguably one of the most infamous ways that players can get an edge on the casino when playing is Blackjack. It became such a craze that there have been numerous blockbuster movies made on the art of card counting which only fueled the fire, something online casinos and their land based counterparts surely despise.

Don't be fooled by the movies though, card counting is no easy feat and requires extensive practice as well as phenomenal math skills to really make this technique work at an optimum level.

The Martingale System

Ok, let's be honest, this isn't a skill per say, it's more like a strategy. The concept behind this age old technique is quite simple; however, you may need to have deep pockets if you're going to make this one work for you all the time. Basically, players are betting on the probability of an event occurring. In this case, you'll need to double your bet every time you record a loss until you win. By doing this, you'll win all the money back that you've lost before the winning hand. Keep in mind that this tactic cannot be used when playing the slot machine at online casinos.


Online casinos are always trying to attract new players and as such, they often have some incredible bonus offers for new players and existing players. By taking advantage of these bonuses, you'll earn yourself a little extra coin to use for free. Choosing games that offer free spins is always worth your while.