Game of the Year 2020 - Best Sequel, Remake or Expansion

Game of the Year 2020 - Best Sequel, Remake or Expansion


Hooked Gamers' Best Sequel, Remake or Expansion of 2020

2020 has been one of the craziest years. Fires, floods, toilet paper shortages and of course Coronavirus. Lockdowns may have been hard on some people, but gamers have loved the opportunity to be stuck at home doing what they enjoy most – Gaming. And although there have been some delays due to the ‘working from home’ development cycle (we’re looking at you Cyberpunk 2077), there have been a heap of quality games released during the year.

The next category in Hooked Gamers’ Game of the Year awards is for Best Sequel, Remake or Expansion

The Nominations…

Mafia II: Definitive Edition
When 2K Games decided to update their trilogy of Mafia titles, we were surprised to work out that Mafia II was ten years old. The Definitive Edition gives a nice shiny coat of paint to the decade old game but retains much of what made it an enjoyable experience the first time around. Vito’s story is one that allows gamers to become engrossed, with the period appropriate soundtrack and art styling setting the tone of 1940’s and 1950’s America. With gameplay that has been slightly improved on the original, plenty of collectibles to find within the city of Empire Bay and updated visuals that make the game seem like a contemporary title, Mafia II: Definitive Edition gets the nomination ahead of the other two updated Mafia titles.

Persona 4 Golden
It isn’t often when an old game manages to compete with the modern era when it comes to sales or popularity, however it was proven this summer that there are exceptions to that rule. One of the biggest record-breaking moments was the arrival of Atlus’ Persona 4 Golden, a game for the PS Vita from 2012, on June 13th. Taking place in the rural town of Inaba, this half life-sim half dungeon crawler deals with a journey of self discovery started off by a series of very peculiar murders. This port reignited the passion of the Persona fanbase, and introduced Atlus to the PC community, impressing them so much that their newest venture Persona 5: Strikers is receiving a Steam release when it hits next year.

Doom Eternal
The sequel to 2016’s reboot of DOOM improves on what was already a hell of a good time. But a host of new features and the fast-paced nature of this sequel mean that Doom Eternal cranks up the fun factor. Our hero has a heap of new weapons that give him a god-like power, but hordes of enemies relentlessly pursue him meaning that you’ll need to put all that firepower to its destructive use.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Bungie’s separation from Activision hasn’t diminished the quality of the expansion to Destiny 2. Beyond Light’s campaign has players exploring their way across the frozen tundra of Europa in an effort to take down Eramis. But it is not just enemies that make it difficult for players, but the weather and its effect on visibility. The addition of the Stasis power allows for varying strategies depending on your character’s class and certainly livens up the gameplay. Bungie has seemed to have future-proofed Destiny 2 with the Beyond Light expansion and has us excited for the upcoming expansions.

And the Winner is…

Doom Eternal
Game of the Year 2020 - Best Sequel, Remake or Expansion

There was some tough competition in this category with some arguing amongst the team as to which was the best, but Doom Eternal came out on top in the end. The frantic, non-stop action of Doom Eternal combined with the new weapons and boss battles set it apart from the others in the category. The smooth and responsive controls allow for flowing gameplay that never lets up in the hellish surroundings. Whether you are leaping across fiery craters or inside the sterile catacomb-like facilities, the heart races with adrenaline as you blast your way through the deadly hordes with your massive arsenal. It is a hell of a ride.

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