Betting Attracts New Fans to eSports

Betting Attracts New Fans to eSports


Betting Attracts New Fans to eSports

Recent years have seen eSports become increasingly popular. Now it's not just a case of playing video games at home. It's a money-spinning sport and one that has also attracted the gambling industry's attention, leading to more and more becoming interested in the gaming phenomenon.

There has been so much growth in eSports that even its most ardent supporters must be surprised. Just taking a look at the high prize money available illustrates the size of the industry's growth. There was $15 million in prize money for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. The International 2019 event surpassed that amount with ease, having $34 million available to be won. The prediction is that by 2023 the total prize money will have reached $2.3 billion.

Such high levels of prize money are bound to attract more players to the game. It also has the effect of making more people aware of the fact that eSports is growing fast and should receive more of their attention.

There are many eSports leagues, from Dota 2 to World of Tanks, taking place all over the world, so this is global growth, not just areas like the USA and China. It's not just new fans that are being attracted to eSports, the gambling industry has been paying much closer attention, too, and this is attracting even more supporters.

Bookmakers are always keeping a close eye on what is happening. The last thing they want to do is miss out on potential revenue from a growing sport or reality TV show. The past few years will have seen them noticing that eSports is becoming increasingly popular.

With more media coverage, the introduction of events with massive amounts of prize money and leagues will have convinced them that they need to show a lot more interest in eSports.

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The leagues that take place around the world will have been of particular interest to bookmakers. It's ok offering odds for the major events that take place but offering odds on events on an almost daily basis is what interests bookmakers. They can get new customers who will then be continually placing bets on eSports. Their hope is that they will then be interested in gambling on other events on their site.

It's been a bad year for a lot of people due to the ongoing pandemic. However, it has been rather helpful for eSports. March was the start of major sporting events being suspended. Sporting leagues around the globe were put on hold due to the pandemic, and that caused major problems for the gambling industry.

The search was on for replacements, hence the sudden interest shown in Belarus football matches. It wasn't long before the bookmakers turned their attention to eSports. They already offered to bet on virtual sports, including football, horse racing, and even speedway. Moving onto covering eSports was the next step.
With plenty of games still taking place, the bookmakers found a replacement, and that has been good news for eSports. Being able to play the games is great fun, watching top players in action the same, but now they had the chance to win money.

The introduction of regular gambling on eSports has been a success. It's just so different from betting on a football game between Liverpool and Arsenal. For a start, there's a distinct lack of dragons in the English Premier League. This is so different from anything else that the bookmakers have on their sites.

It's not just a case of betting on who is going to win a match. Bookmakers offer odds on a wide range of markets. You can place bets on who will get first blood or the map winner. All of this makes betting on eSports even more exciting.

Being able to watch the action adds to the drama. If it were just a case of being given some odds on a game, that wouldn't quite be the same. Following a game and seeing how your bets are progressing is great fun. At the same time, seeing just what eSports has to offer has created more interest. All of this is seeing a wider audience become interested in eSports, which will help the industry to continue to grow.