World of Tanks Halloween Event - Interview with Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks Halloween Event - Interview with Akira Yamaoka


Halloween is upon us and we sit down with composer Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks - Halloween event

Between October 26 and November 9, World of Tanks will be conducting its biggest Halloween event in its 10-year history. Collaborating with Masahiro Ito, the Art Director and Monster Designer behind the Silent Hill universe and Akira Yamaoka the star Composer behind the same nightmarish series – this event will expose players to the sinister story of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

In an all new PVE co-op event, players must join together to save the world and uncover the lore behind the town of Mirny-13. Players will be taken through four changing worlds in Platoons of five, unlocking the story of Mirny-13 as they go.

Throughout the event, tankers will be able to get their hands on 3D skins designed by Masahiro Ito himself, whilst enjoying a haunting ambient track for the event hangar created by Akira Yamaoka. We at Hooked Gamers were lucky enough to sit down with Akira Yamaoka to discuss the collaboration.

World of Tanks Halloween Event - Interview with Akira Yamaoka

Hooked Gamers: You have teamed up with the Wargaming team (World of Tanks) to create a score for their Halloween update. For our readers, can you let us know your involvement in the project?
Akira Yamaoka: I am collaborating with the World of Tanks team to produce music again. This time we have introduced a new method of creating sound files for the music.

Hooked Gamers: You have worked previously with Wargaming on a World of Tanks "Battle in Japan" project. How did the experience on that occasion prepare you for this latest project?
Akira Yamaoka:It was a very exciting experience. Having worked with the team once before, I have a better understanding about the objectives and vision of the team.

Hooked Gamers: How much freedom do you have in composing the score/tracks?
Akira Yamaoka: I have a lot of creative freedom, however there is just enough direction provided to ensure the atmosphere does not become too scary and lose its core feeling as a World of Tanks game.

World of Tanks Halloween Event - Interview with Akira Yamaoka

Hooked Gamers: What musical influences/inspirations did you use in creating the World of Tanks Halloween track?
Akira Yamaoka: I was initially inspired by the image board put together for Halloween mode, this gave me a lot of visual direction regarding the feel. The sound team also provided material which gave me a lot of inspiration

Hooked Gamers: Do you get the chance to play many games yourself? Do you have a favourite (World of Tanks, perhaps)?
Akira Yamaoka: I enjoy having time to play games - World of Tanks is definitely a favourite and I am also currently enjoying Ghost of Tsushima.

Hooked Gamers: You have composed for video games and for there much difference in the process for each?
Akira Yamaoka: People often wonder this, but there is very little difference. The main discrepancy is the amount of music required; game titles usually require many more tracks and therefore more time and energy is invested compared to film.

Hooked Gamers: And lastly, how do you normally spend Halloween?
Akira Yamaoka: I like to dress up for Halloween and eat plenty of cake!

Hooked Gamers: Thank you for agreeing to chat with us. It has been a pleasure.

World of Tanks Halloween Event - Interview with Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play MMO game of armoured warfare from where players control one of 550 variations of tanks. The Halloween event runs from October 26th to November 9th and is a great opportunity for new members to join in fun of the PvE event. To join the battle, visit World of Tanks.

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