PAX AUS 2014 Indie Game Special

PAX AUS 2014 Indie Game Special


The Indie Game scene is booming in Australia, based purely on the number of games on display at PAX AUS 2014. We take a look at our favourites.

2014 PAX AUS Indie Special

With this year's PAXAUS being twice the size of last year's event, there was always going to be a greater Indie presence (well, a greater presence from all the game developers and publishers, but we will focus on the Indies). The success of last year's event made certain of it. Which Aussie game developer would want to miss getting this much exposure? There were dozens on show at PAX AUS 2014, and here we take a look at our favourites including those featured in the Indie Showcase, in no particular order.

Primal Carnage: Extinction - Pub Games / Circle 5 Studios (PC)
We reviewed the original Primal Carnage a while ago, but since then the developers have been working hard on improving the game in their upcoming sequel. The upgraded game includes 8v8 online gameplay with six human classes and 8 dinosaur classes to choose from, across 12 different maps. Humans have the standard FPS controls and mechanics, whilst the dinosaurs have some unique techniques. Health is gained by feasting on dead dinosaur carcasses, whilst most damage is performed at close range. But from what I saw at the show, the battles are quite balanced and the map large enough to accommodate each of the teams, though playing as a T-Rex was immensely fun, with its terrifying roar particularly impressive.

For more info, visit the Primal Carnage website.

Submerged - Uppercut Games (PC)
A lovely game where you take on the role of a young teenage girl Miku who, with her sick younger brother Tacu, wash ashore at an ancient looking submerged city. Miku is tasked with finding supplies in which she can help heal her sickly sibling. Miku has her trusty fishing boat to travel the submerged streets and the game is much about exploration as it is about action. Miku explores her environment searching for life-healing supplies reminiscent of a Tomb Raider exploring for treasure. The game boast lovely visuals and a wonderful soundtrack from BATFA award winner Jeff Van Dyck all resulting in a serene, thoughtful game.

For more info, visit the Submerged website.

Cannibal Fever - Forbidden Film Studios (PC)
Cannibal Fever is (or will be) a zombie RTS where you take control of one of two teams – The Predators (zombies and their evil allies) or the Prey (the survivors). The main difference between this and other RTS games is the lack of resource gathering or building construction. The developers decided early that zombies don't gather resources and are only intent on devouring human flesh. Instead new units are produced automatically but the speed depends on the territory owned on the map. The game will be a mix of CGI and live-action footage, giving it a somewhat Command and Conquer feel with 3 game modes, around 10 maps and some weird and wonderful zombie classes.
Sounds great, but is still in Kickstarter phase. Not a lot on show at present but has a lot of potential.

For more info, visit the Cannibal Fever Kickstarter page

Black Annex - Man Fight Dragon (PC)
This was featured in last year’s Indie Showcase, but much has been improved in this tactical, somewhat puzzle-like Secret Agent game. The game places you in charge of an espionage company and has you controlling the two agents. Each has differing skills, and these skills are required to make their way through a mission. The Enforcer is the all-guns blazing type, whilst the Deceiver is more of a stealthy character who can sneak around and disable security devices. New skills are added as they progress through the game. Missions are fairly open with regards to completion - you can go all guns blazing and kill all the enemy agents that stand in your way, or sneak around with the Deceiver, or even a combination of the two. The old-school isometric view gives the game a Syndicate-like quality and the game has some cool upbeat music.

For more info, visit the Black Annex website.