Diablo 3 technical issues guide

Diablo 3 technical issues guide


Diablo 3 activated, installed and ready to go! Whoops... not so fast mister, the servers are overloaded. We've put together a list of common issues that can be attributed to server issues along with some tips to possibly help you get past.

*Last updated May 20th*

You’ve installed Diablo 3, activated it online and you’re all pumped up and ready to go. You push the ‘play’ button and the fabulous (but familiar) intro starts playing. Finally the trailer is done and you’re ready to log in!

And then it fizzles.

Diablo 3’s launch isn’t going smoothly. The servers are overloaded, causing a plethora of problems. But how do you know which problems are caused by the servers? Below a list of common issues that can be attributed to server issues along with some tips to may possibly help you get past.

It is far from complete (and new issues pop up regularly) but we will attempt to update it as we go. Keep faith!

Login stalls at “Retrieving heroes list”
Description: While logging in the first time, the game goes through three states. You’re passed the first two but at the last stage, it hangs forever. And I mean forever.

Suggested problem: The server is trying to find out if there are any stored characters on the server but that server is apparently overloaded as well.

Tips: Waiting for 30 seconds will yield the same results as waiting for 30 minutes, meaning no result at all. If it doesn’t work after 30 seconds, cancel and try again until you can get in.

Error 33: Battlenet is down for maintenance, please try again later.

Description: This one is pretty straightforward. The servers are down, Blizzard are doing maintenance whether planned or scheduled.

Tips: Chances are it will be back soon. That said, it can either be a good toilet break or hours of hardship.

Error 37: The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later.

Description: While logging in, the above message is displayed.

Suggested problem: This is exactly what it appears to be.

Tips: Grab a beer, coke or chocolate milk.

Error 108

Description: Installing the game, you get the error message "ERROR: (insert some local path here)\Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer\Installer Tome 2.MPQE" could not be opened, because an error 108 occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (OpenArchive::Execute)".

Suggested problem: The installation files are corrupted.

Tips: The good news? You can fix this one! The bad? You'll need to download the game again.

Error 3003: Unable to connect to the service or connection was interrupted

Description: The first login stage seems to take a very long time after which error 3003 is displayed.

Suggested problem: This can go many ways. The login servers may be down completely or there is something wrong with your connection to Battle.net.

Tips: If you can internet normally and have been able to play before, it is fairly safe to assume that the servers are down. If this is your first time logging in, check the Diablo 3 forums to see if there's an outage and if not, contact tech support.

Error 3006

Description: While playing, you are booted out of the game.

Suggested problem: There are some pretty wild theories going around on this one, ranging from using shields on Templar characters to the Demon Hunter class as a whole. Officially Blizzard blames the local network again and that's probably what it is.

Tips: It may be worth following these steps to ensure that your internet connection isn't the problem.

Error 3007: "Lost connection"

Description: This error occurs during play and usually follows right after a message saying "You have been removed from the game".

Suggested problem: Officially, this is a network issue in your local network. Especially the D-Link DIR-615 router pops up often as a possible sore spot (grab a Cisco/Linksys from your local hardware store, you'll be happier for it). That said, with the error happening to people who were previously able to play just fine, so we can chalk this one up at least in part as more server overload issues.

Tips: It may be worth following these steps to ensure that your internet connection isn't the problem.

Error 300008

Description: After a couple of days of near flawless operation, error 300008 seems to be 'the new Error 37'.

Suggested problem: Officially, the error is a network error. If you have been able to play normally for a substantial amount of time, it's safe to assume the problem lies with Battle.net.

Tips: It may be worth following these steps to ensure that your internet connection isn't the problem.

Error 317002: Unable to find all of the appropriate game configurations to create or join games

Description: This error appears when you are trying to start a new game while already fully logged in. Apparently starting a new game requires communications with the Blizzard servers as well. Who knew, and what a drag.

Suggested problem: It seems likely that the game servers are unavailable.

Tips: There is no hint as to what can be done against this at this time and if it really does mean that the servers are unavailable, all you can do is wait and try again later.

Diablo 3 requires a newer operating system

Description: While installing, the game complains at you that you have an old operating systems. You're not running Windows 98, so what gives?

Suggested problem: Your operating system is fine, it's the updates that you forgot to install.

Tips: Go download the latest service pack for your Windows version at Microsoft. Setting the compatibility mode to "Windows XP SP3" may also work.