Top 9 Games We Could Do Without This Year

Top 9 Games We Could Do Without This Year


Be it to give a series a breather, a developer more time, or for just our own selfish reasons; there are games every year we could do without.

Contrary to popular belief, regardless of how much we may want to, we game aficionados do not have time to play every game that comes out. That said, every year there are games that we could just do without. Be it to give a series a breather, give a developer more time to polish a game, or for just our own selfish reasons; we do not need every game ever to come out every year. This is our list of games we could do without in 2012.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Saying we do not want Black Ops 2 is not a condemnation of the game, in fact a lot of us here at Hooked Gamers really loved the first, but it is time for a break. Every year Call of Duty keeps getting bigger and more badass but creatively the series has hit a wall. The series needs time to breathe and its fans need a chance to detox from the series for a while. Activision should let Treyarch have an extra year to really reformulate the series and bring us something new and exciting in 2013.

Top 9 Games We Could Do Without This Year

Medal of Honor 2

While arguments can be made about the Call of Duty formula becoming stale, there is little denying that those games are still highly polished and extremely playable. The same cannot be said for Medal of Honor. The Danger Close / DICE co-developed, re-launching of the long running series was a mess. The single player campaign was atrociously buggy and devoid of any tension, while the multiplayer was a weird mixture of Battlefield and Call of Duty that ultimately was an unbalanced nightmare. The biggest problem with the Medal of Honor reboot was that it seemed designed by people looking for any possible way to cut into the Call of Duty numbers. EA seems hell-bent on competing with Activision head on, instead of just making the best Medal of Honor game possible and with the way the company has been marketing their shooters over the last two years, Medal of Honor 2 looks to be no different.

Assassin’s Creed III

Considering the success of each Assassin’s Creed game, it is hard to argue with Ubisoft’s decision to release the series on a yearly schedule but for many fans, cracks began to show in the armor with last year’s release, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. It was not that Revelations was a bad game, it was actually quite good, but a fatigue has begun to set in. With Ezio’s story arc finally over, it is time for the series to take a step back. Much like Call of Duty, the series just needs a breather. Taking 2012 off would allow fans of the series to get excited to see where Desmond’s story goes and allow the developers the chance to craft something that pushes the series forward like Assassin's Creed II did.

Top 9 Games We Could Do Without This Year

Need For Speed “Next”

For as much noise as industry fans make about the yearly Call of Duty releases from Activision, one would think EA should be publically flogged for continuing to release Need For Speed games of questionable quality, every year. While there is a good chance that Criterion is working on this next iteration and Criterion does make great driving games, the series is so tired that nothing it does could make it worth EA’s while to release this year, sans calling it Need for Speed: Burnout. And even that only perks my interest a little bit.