What Type Of Skyrim Player Are You?

What Type Of Skyrim Player Are You?


With so much to do in Skyrim, there are bound to be plenty of ways to play the game. Which category do you fall in to?

Bethesda's magnum opus, Skyrim, is one of the most vast cRPG's ever made. With a huge variety of things to do, and just so much of it, there are clearly several different ways to play the game. It's a tradition with RPG's to cast player's into different categories. See if you spot any similarities in your own play style with the few we have listed below. Keep in mind what this may say of your own personality as well. Of course, any suggestions of more player types are very welcome, so please put them forward for judgement in the comment section below.


The Scout rushes between towns, cities, dungeons, caves and villages with barely any time for a coffee with the locals. Their impervious goal is to unlock every single location on the map for fast travel ease. Their methods are usually methodical; starting from a certain side of the map and weaving up and down to the other side, ensuring that all of the locations that come up on the compass are unlocked. Their biggest annoyance is the large mountains in Skyrim which can severely disrupt their strict practice of combing the map in straight lines. Yet, their determined nature means that no mountain is too big for them to conquer. Bouncing up vertical slopes is a required skill.

Aspiring Dovahkiin

This player is a lover of linearity. They want to play the game that they have been promised through marketing. In the player creation stage, they ensure that their character looks like the guy in the TV adverts. They even named them Dovahkiin and got excited the first time they found the famous horned helmet! From here on they simply followed the main quest line until completion and considered the rest of the game simply 'padding'. As far as they are concerned, they completed Skyrim. No arguments.

What Type Of Skyrim Player Are You?

Honest Money Maker

Gold! We all need it, but sometimes the pursuit of it can overtake other things in our life and getting rich becomes our sole purpose. This type of player will make money anyway possible, but realising the best way is through rigorous shop trading, they spend their entire time selling goods, finding expensive items and watching the figures rise. They are a master of bartering. The problem with this obsession is that they have forgot what they wanted all this gold for in the first place and just find themselves collecting gold to no end.

Real Life Simulator

This player is more than likely a mature role player. Ultimately, they have become so enthralled in the virtual world that they dangerously merge two separate realities. Despite the capacity to do pretty much what you want in Skyrim, they prefer the steady pace of daily life in a quiet town - attending to the needs of the locals, getting married, and admiring the beauty of their enclosed surroundings. Being as that Riverwood is almost definitely the first town they will come to and is by far one of the most idyllic in the game, they will probably dwell there at first before moving on. A normal day consists of chopping some wood, having a drink with the locals and watching the flow of the water at the nearby stream. Isn't life pleasant?

Big Game Hunter

Skyrim is all about killing dragons, right? The Big Game Hunter is here to slaughter anything that is at least twice their size. They frantically rush around Skyrim, sword in hand, quiver on their back, just looking for the next huge monstrosity to strike down. Wolf, troll, bandit? Too small. They only stop for giants, frostbite spiders, charus reapers, mammoths, dwarven centurions and of course dragons! Let the blood flow and the huge hunks of meat slam to the ground.

What Type Of Skyrim Player Are You?