5 Likely Reveals Saved For Gamescom 2011

5 Likely Reveals Saved For Gamescom 2011


Gamescom is right around the corner and of course there are plenty of rumors about the potential reveals in the lead up to the show's opening date. Following are just a few that the rumor mill has been spinning.

Gamescom is right around the corner and although it may not be so widely considered as huge an event as E3 yet, that does not mean that is any less important. Of course there are plenty of rumors abound about the potential reveal in the lead up to the show’s opening date of August 17th. Following are just a few that the internet rumour mill has been spinning around.

Halo Anniversary/ Halo 4 Kinect Features

5 Likely Reveals Saved For Gamescom 2011

Microsoft had a less-than-stellar E3 performance this year, but their one big announcement was Halo 4. With not much else to excite their fans about, there are signs that point towards Microsoft revealing juicy new details on the devilishly teased Halo 4 and of course Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, but exactly what will be revealed is still unclear.

There could be more Halo 4-related materials than the tantalising E3 teaser trailer, but it seems far more likely that any decent information will be saved for an E3 2012 reveal. More likely we will be shown how the Kinect will be integrated into Anniversary - Halo Waypoint forum admin ‘bs angel’ told Joystiq that,

The Kinect features we're exploring with Halo: Anniversary are optional and won't affect your core gameplay experience. Our mission, from day one, has been to deliver a faithful recreation of the original game, and we remain dedicated to seeing that through to completion.

This is a very good sign that more Anniversary details are on the way at Gamescom despite them more than likely focusing on Kinect support. Did anyone want this?

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

5 Likely Reveals Saved For Gamescom 2011

Having already gained a lot of exposure at E3 this year, the probability that Bioware has any more tricks up their sleeve regarding Mass Effect 3 is considerably low. At E3 the third title in the Mass Effect franchise was extensively demoed and Kinect support for the Xbox 360 version was revealed and detailed. But could Bioware be holding back a huge multiplayer reveal for Gamescom?

Rumours of a multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3 have been around for a while in many forms - a job opening for a ‘multiplayer programmer’ at Bioware Montreal posted way back in May 2010 sparked off initial rumours. Since then, everything from 4-player co-op missions to a Gears of War-like horde mode have been talked about. Back in December 2010, a moderator on the Bioware forums quashed the rumours by telling fans “Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game”, only to have her comment seemingly retracted by Bioware and replaced with the generic “Bioware does not comment on any rumours” line.

However, including a multiplayer mode this late in the epic franchise is a risky move that could cost Bioware dearly, should it not live up to fans’ expectations of the studio. With Mass Effect 3 being released in early 2012 due to a postponement, Gamescom seems like Bioware’s last chance to properly announce a multiplayer mode.