Klujber Andras on Defenders of Ardania

Klujber Andras on Defenders of Ardania


The Majesty games are real-time strategy games set in the humorous fantasy world of Ardania. We got in contact with Klujber András, the game's lead designer.

The Majesty games are real-time strategy games set in the humorous fantasy world of Ardania. The series' publisher, Paradox Interactive, recently announced that they would be expanding the series into other genres. Cue Defenders of Ardania, a Tower Defense game set in this magical world. We got in contact with Klujber András, the game's lead designer, and asked him about the game.

Hooked Gamers: Hello and thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Would you like to start things off by introducing yourself to our readers and telling us a little bit about what it is that you do on the team?

Klujber András: Hello, and thank you for the opportunity. My name is Klujber András, I am the lead designer on Defenders of Ardania. In essence, it's my job to hold the others together and try to keep development going in the direction we originally set. I am also responsible for balance, story, as well as lesser and greater design concerns.

Hooked Gamers: Defenders of Ardania is a Tower-Defence game set in the magical world of Majesty. For those that may not be familiar with the Majesty series, could you tell us a little bit about this colourful world?

Klujber András: Majesty is a splendid classical fantasy world with numerous races and spectacular magic, all sprinkled with acrid, sometimes bizarre humour. Whereas in other games you might find a sword in a stone, here you might expect a rusty scoop, or tax collectors awaiting you at the top of a tower instead of a princess. Despite all this, there is no shortage of heroism, bravery, and other virtues in the world of Ardania – rather, they are interpreted in a unique way. Those who like humour and fantasy will definitely find themselves at home in Ardania.

Klujber Andras on Defenders of Ardania

Hooked Gamers: The Majesty games are Real-Time Strategy games set in a fantasy world. Why the decision to branch out into Tower-Defence?

Klujber András: This is actually owed to a chance meeting. We here at Most Wanted Entertainment wanted to make a fantasy tower defense game by any means possible, and threw a demo together for one. Paradox Interactive, on the other hand, was considering extending the world of Majesty, so when our demo found its way to them, the two interests met and became Defenders of Ardania. In fact, the two games are very similar, as tower defense games are also based on strategy, though they are a bit closer to casual games; this provides an opportunity for new audiences to learn about the world of Majesty, which to date has been worshipped mainly by hardcore gamers.

Hooked Gamers: The Majesty games have generally been very story-heavy. In the stereotypical Tower-Defence game, however, the story generally takes a back-seat or is simply not present. Will the story and its plot play a big part in Defenders of Ardania?

Klujber András: Yes, absolutely. In addition to maintaining the visual characteristics of the world of Majesty, it was also important for us to have a story-driven game, since that is what provides Ardania with its unique flavour. In Defenders of Ardania, we follow a storyline that is strongly connected to what happens on the screen.

Hooked Gamers: Tower-Defence games are usually simple and fast paced. Defenders of Ardania will have 24 different kinds of upgradable towers. Are you worried that this level of customisability might make the game a little too complicated for the fast pace, or have you perhaps done something to slow the pace down or give the player control over that element?

Klujber András: Twenty-four can indeed be a scary number, if you have to manage so many things at once – but it is also a bit misleading. In the game, there are only eight towers that must be handled during gameplay, as many belong to the other races. Another relief is that three towers – called "basic" towers – are almost identical for all the races. If the player knows even the least bit about the game, then these can be used quite well for any of the races. In addition, each race has five special towers that are totally unique to the given race; these towers are earned throughout the campaign. Evidently, their handling requires more experience, but you still don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to use them. We hope that everyone can easily learn how to play the game with the help of the basic towers, and then develop more complicated and effective strategies by getting the hang of the special towers.