Julien and Max on Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Julien and Max on Might & Magic: Heroes VI


Julien Pirou and Max von Knorring discuss the name change and the new creatures/units of the series and tell us how excited they are to be working on Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

Hooked Gamers: What would you say is the biggest, unique change made in Heroes VI and how does it affect the game?

Julien: I’d say the Area of Control system because it changes the way you have to think your Level Design – the way you’ll place resources, dwellings… It also changes a bit the rhythm of the game since your objectives when playing are not the same ones as before.
But in the end, it still feels and plays like Heroes. It is an evolution, trying new ideas and angles, but we didn’t want to get rid of the DNA of Heroes.

Max: The whole reputation system added to the redesigned ability system is quite a change. The player will have more control and visibility on his hero evolution as well as a greater feeling of persistency and immersion. Having meaningful choices to make in the scenario in addition to the access to advanced classes will bring a fresh experience in the game campaign and in Multiplayer.

Hooked Gamers: We’re sorry, but we have to ask. :) What’s with the name change? The new name is confusing and sounds a bit... silly.

Max: That’s a marketing decision in order to unify the names of games that are part of the Might & Magic brand. Adding “…of Might & Magic” after every game title was getting tedious. If you take a game like Clash of Heroes, could you imagine it being titled “Clash of Heroes of Might & Magic”? So they decided to make one common rule, which is to have “Might & Magic” as the “umbrella” brand, followed by the name of the spin-off series. So Might & Magic: Heroes, Might & Magic: Dark Messiah, etc.

Julien: It will take time getting used to, obviously, but I think most people were just calling the games “Heroes” anyway (I know I do :))
Plus I think it’s a good thing to remind that “Might & Magic” is the brand’s name. You’d be amazed by the number of fans and players that believe Heroes of Might & Magic is the original game and do not know there was a game called simply Might & Magic that started it all.

Hooked Gamers: It is our tradition to give developers a chance to say something about the game that they are desperate to get out. Is there anything burning on your lips?

Julien: One of my contributions on the project was to try to put back some of the classic “Might & Magic flavor” to the world of Ashan. Longtime fans of the franchise will recognize many nods and winks to the original M&M universe, and other surprises. I like to think of Ashan as a “re-imagining” of Might & Magic, similar to the way the recent Battlestar Galactica series was a “re-imagining” of the original TV series. There are common themes, common creatures, and characters that are similar without being exactly the same.
It all ties to the 25th anniversary of Might & Magic as well. I think Heroes VI is like a celebration of all the things that made Might & Magic so enduring and so dear to the hearts of fans like me.

Max: I love working with this guy :)