Bernd Geiblinger on Plattchen: Twist'n' Paint

Bernd Geiblinger on Plattchen: Twist'n' Paint


Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint is a unique game, available through Nintendo's Wiiware channel very soon now. We get the lowdown from art director Bernd Geiblinger.

WiiWare games come in many forms. Some are great, others feel like you have just been cheated out of your money. Austrian game developer Bplus is working on a WiiWare game that is not likely to fall into the latter category. Their game, Plattchen - Twist 'n' Paint, is a very creative puzzle-shooter that is set to keep your entertained for weeks. We had a chat with Twist 'n' Paint's art director Bernd Geiblinger.

Hooked Gamers: Twist 'n' Paint is certainly different from what we are used to. What do you think is the most important part of a game?

Bernd Geiblinger on Plattchen: Twist'n' Paint
Bernd: There are many different kinds of games available right now. It doesn't matter if it is a racing-, fighting-, puzzle-, adventure-, role-playing-game or anything new - the only thing that really matters is that it is fun. I think people want to spend their time in front of their televisions or handhelds to get a smile on their faces. That is the reason why I am developing games - I want to see you smile.

Hooked Gamers: How has the WiiWare platform been treating you so far?

Bernd: WiiWare is a great but new platform and a new chance for every developer to let any idea inside their minds become playable. I, for one, await completely new and crazy game concepts and for sure we will deliver one with our this title PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint.

Hooked Gamers: Why did you decide to release PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint on WiiWare instead of on XBLA or PSN?

Bernd: In PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint you point on the screen by using just one hand, tilt it to select a color from the Color Wheel and have fun with up to seven friends with only console necessary. WiiWare is the only place where this concept works because it only works on Wii - and by the way every member of Bplus is a true Nintendo fan! ;-)

Hooked Gamers: What inspired PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint?

Bernd: We wanted to create something new by using both the pointer function and the accelerometers of the Wii Remote as a main feature of the game. We also wanted to make a game that is easily to understand but challenging to master perfectly. We looked at games like Tetris, Meteos or Bomberman and came up with a totally new game concept that is just as intriguing and addictive to the players.

Hooked Gamers: Did you encounter any difficulties while making the game?

Bernd: Wii was a completely new hardware for us and while developing the game, we constantly found out new things that were possible and that we absolutely wanted to use in the game. As we became more familiar with the hardware and its abilities, our game grew bigger and more complex. It was sometimes a stony path, but we are extremely happy with our title as it is now.

Hooked Gamers: In North America, PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint is supposed to be 1,500 Wii Points. Do you think the price will affect sales?

Bernd Geiblinger on Plattchen: Twist'n' Paint
Bernd: Disc games very often cost USD 60, and people are more than willing to spend that amount for a good game. With its size and lasting-appeal, PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint is easily comparable with a full-priced disc game. 1500 Wii Points is a real bargain compared to that and in the end Nintendo has decided that 1500 Wii Points would be a really fair price for our game.
Many people understand a higher price point as an indicator for more content and more development time and quality, so this even might be a positive thing for sales.

Hooked Gamers: Seeing as PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint is competing with Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and a lot of other big franchises, do you think PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint will hold up well?

Bernd: We do not really see PLATTCHEN as a franchise as itself, but as an introduction for one. Our mascot is the tiny gearwheel ZeLeLi, which is trapped inside the Plattchen. It is your mission to save it with the help of your fantasy. PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint will not be the only game featuring our hero ZeLeLi in a special way.

Hooked Gamers: Are you considering making more WiiWare games?

Bernd: Actually, we are working on new concepts for WiiWare and trying out many new ideas.

Hooked Gamers: Is PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint more of a single player experience more so than a multiplayer?

Bernd: PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint has its focus on playing it together with friends. Each mode can be played alone or with up to 4 players cooperatively. There are also several Party Modes that can be combined with each other for up to 8-player team battles.

Hooked Gamers: Would you be able to briefly describe the game's modes?

Bernd: There are three main modes: Classic Mode, Copycat Mode and Mission Mode.

Bernd Geiblinger on Plattchen: Twist'n' Paint
In Classic Mode, you help ZeLeLi to destroy the Plattchen by using your fantasy. Point at the Plattchen with your Wii Remote and twist them to the color you selected on the Color Wheel. The Color Wheel rotates according to the movements of your wrist. When at least four Plattchen of the same color align horizontally or vertically, they react with each other and burst after a while. In the meantime, you can connect additional Plattchen of the same color to the reaction. Each explosion yields energy, and when the Energy Bar is full, you have completed the level. After an explosion, new Plattchen come in from up, down, left or right, depending on the gravity. When you beat a level in Classic Mode with a new high score, you unlock Copycat and Mission levels.

In the COPYCAT-Mode you have to copy a series of pictures to the PLATTCHEN-field of 5x5, 7x7 or 9x9 within the time limit. Sometimes these picture strips tell little stories, like eating a piece of cheese. But be careful, sometimes you don't have all the colors you need.

The MISSION-Mode is a mix of different task that have to be solved in time. Some levels have different rules and some are even from a different genre. In this game mode you have to master the challenges with the given FantasyME and its special abilities.

Hooked Gamers: Anything else you'd like to say to your fans regarding PLATTCHEN - twist 'n' paint or WiiWare?

Bernd: We have put much work, love and sleepless nights in the game and we hope to bring you an unforgettable classic on WiiWare.