Hooked Gamers Junior Review - Monster High: 13 Wishes

Hooked Gamers Junior Review - Monster High: 13 Wishes


Hooked Gamers' Junior Reviewer, Emily takes a look at the Wii game, Monster High: 13 Wishes and gives us her impressions.

Hooked Gamers Junior Review

Monster High: 13 Wishes (Wii)

We at Hooked Gamers occasionally receive games that wouldn't normally fit into our demographic. Luckily for us, our resident Junior Reviewer, Emily is more suited to the task. Recently, Monster High: 13 Wishes arrived on our doorstep, so we handed it over to Emily so that she could give us her thoughts on the game based on the Monster High movie of the same name.

I have been playing Monster High: 13 Wishes recently and I have been having a great time playing it along with my sisters.

The game starts off with an evil genie that has captured all of the Monster High characters. Your start as Frankie Stein, the only one that wasn’t captured because she had a magical ‘object’ that can stop the evil magic. The goal is to save all of the members of Monster High, complete all of the levels and defeat most of the bad guys as well as collecting the 13 mirror pieces that will defeat the evil genie.

Hooked Gamers Junior Review - Monster High: 13 Wishes

Now, over to the controls. Firstly you need to add the nunchuk to your Wii remote. To move around you have to use the ‘movable’ thing on the nunchuk. You use ‘C’ is the crouch down low and for when you are going to land. To jump you press the ‘A’ button and to defeat / kill you click on the ‘B’ button. The ‘+’ button is the pause button that can save, quit, remind you what the controls do and other main options. The ‘-’ button can swap your characters. For example if you are using Frankie Stein and you need to swim you can press the ‘-’ button to change and get Lagoona. They are pretty easy to use, so that is great. I had trouble with the controls sometimes, because if you are holding a button for a while and then let go of it, the ‘doll’ keeps on doing the same thing and you can’t do anything else but go to the Wii menu and then get back to the game.

I really liked how the game looks because out of all of the games that I have on the Wii, this one has an antique feel. I liked the Egyptian scenery on the first levels. The music is a little bit creepy, but I think that is because the girls are supposed to be monsters. The Egyptian levels even sound a bit like a song from Lady Gaga.

Hooked Gamers Junior Review - Monster High: 13 Wishes

The good thing about this game is that you can quickly understand the storyline & what the controls do.

This game is actually the right level for me because the puzzles are I bit hard but eventually you find out what the solution is. This game is a lot of fun and I really liked thinking of new ways to solve all of the problems. I liked the graphics and the sounds because they suited the game.

I give this game 9 out of 10.

So there you have it, kids. It looks as though Monster High: 13 Wishes has gained Emily's approval. And from what I saw of the game, it does look fairly decent for a Wii game marketed for young girls. The puzzles seemed challenging enough for ten year old Emily, but not so hard that she got frustrated. Indeed, on a couple of occasions, she called me into the living room to show me what she'd been able to do. So, if you have some young Monster High fans, then Monster High: 13 Wishes (on Wii) would be appreciated.