And the winner is...

Yes, we know it's been a week since GamesCom ended, and this is THE article you have all been waiting for. But you see, our final review for GamesCom 2009 has been the most difficult by far. Perhaps when you understand the stringent inspection process, the dedication and objective judgement and the earnest effort it took to complete this final judgement, perhaps then you can find it in your hearts to forgive us.

We felt these final entries needed a thorough examination before anything could be published on Hooked Gamers. And we say thorough, we mean thorough. All entries were opened with Photoshop on high-spec HD screens; only the best was good enough for these. Every inch was inspected on maximum zoom, to weed out all sub-standard entries. And when there was even the slightest hint of doubt, we did what any sane, red-blooded guy would do. We took the entries to the media production company conveniently located right next door. They took the entries and made life-size prints that could be more intensely inspected. These fine gentlemen understood the importance of our mission, and worked diligently to support us with their considerable photography skills and experience, and were eager to participate in the heated disputes to determine the winner.

Booth Babe of the Year

We named our hands-down winner 'Gretchen'; we were so tongue-tied by this Booth Babe we forgot to ask her name and made up one to help us in our discussions. Gretchen was truly the complete package -- she not only looked good, she also had a radiant personality... and was more than happy to pose for us.

Worst Babe of the Year

Watching her, this booth babe sucked the joy and happiness right out of us. Obviously most men would be proud to walk down the street with her, but she really, really hated being there. Take some advice from the boys in the know lady: you are in desperate need of a career change.

Runners up