Stronghold 3 Gameplay Trailer Has a Strong Hold On You

Firefly Studios is really striving to build hype for self-proclaimed “world’s best castle-builder”, Stronghold 3. Their latest trailer is an amalgamation of the mechanics the third series will feature: vengeance at the hands of your supposedly dead enemy, plague and pestilence in the kingdom, and, of course, lots and lots of castle building.

Being a fan of the first game released a decade ago, I don’t think the trailer does justice to what incredible joy castle-building and its subsequent defense can bring. With an all new engine, new building mechanics, realistic physics and historical context, Stronghold 3 seems well-positioned to live up to the bar set quite high by its inaugural predecessor.

Come September 27, you should be able to build your own castles and test their walls against the enemy’s relentless siege. Stronghold 3 is being developed solely for Windows PCs.

Source: GameSpy