The Secret World Reveals Third Cinematic Trailer

Funcom has been busy as of late. With all the press generated for Age of Conan, and a string of in-game trailers revealing several enemies and locations for The Secret World , Funcom has been showing up quite frequently in my Google Reader.

Today, they released the latest cinematic trailer for The Secret World. A single frame preview of this trailer has been up on the site for well over two years, as a mysterious man, smoking a cigarette against a drab background. Today we know the man is in a mens room, that he can light said cigarette without a lighter, and that gentleman next to him, seemingly without a head, is all sorts of trouble.

The short trailer is more in the vein of the first one they released nearly three years prior: an innocent looking civilian goes about their life, gets threatened by the supernatural, and reveals their true potential. This badass, however, is a class of his own. Not only is he not fazed by the multi-eyed demon, he even takes the time to zip up before dispatching it to the bowels of hell!

Cinematic trailer 3, 2 and 1 are below in that order.