Daring innovation from Speedlink

Speedlink's reputation as a producer of affordable replacement controllers and other gaming equipment is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Recently, they have been showing a new level of daring innovation and whether all their innovations will have a long lifespan or not is beside the point. The main thing for gamers is that someone out there is willing to take risks.

The latest additions to Speedlink's line are the Prime Z-DW and Kudos Z-9 gaming mice and the Invictus Core gaming mousepad. The Prime mouse hosts two scroll wheels and the extra wheel can be assigned, for example, to switch between pre-programmed macros. The Kudos Z-9 comes bundled with an Android and iOS application that allows you to reconfigure the mouse on the fly - while gaming. And the Invictus Core gaming mousepad comes in two parts: a base mat upon which the pad can be slotted. The pad itself is flippable, professing two different surfaces for different feels, one super-smooth and the other more granular.

The new products are coming available this fall and we at HookedGamers will definitely try to get out hands on them and post reviews as soon as we can!