Ultima Underworld is coming back!

In 1992, the release of the first Ultima Underworld game changed both the RPG and the FPS genre. It was the first real 3D game in either genre and its legacy can be seen in modern titles such as the Elder Scrolls series and the Deus Ex games.

OtherSide Entertainment is now working on a sequel to the series, 20 years after the last Ultima Underworld game was released. The developer is a new name and Underworld Ascension will be their first title, but the man behind the company is not a fresh face to the industry: Paul Neurath, Founder and CEO of OtherSide Entertainment, lead the development of the Thief and System Shock franchises, and, naturally, the original Ultima Underworld.

Otherside Entertainment aims to develop an outstanding game, honouring the originals but bringing them up to the standards of the modern world.