David Braben's Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter

Braben's Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter had a slow start, but the recent addition of a introductory video has certainly perked things up.

Alongside Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous is perhaps one of the most exciting space sims and Kickstarter projects around. The original Elite and the sequels Frontier and Frontier: First Encounters are still played by the fans of the originals and everyone's been looking forward to the near-mythical Elite 4. Well, it seems to be finally on the horizon: The Kickstarter project has accumulated £513,947 of its goal of £1,250,000 thus far, with 45 days still to go.

It might be beneficial if Braben and his team took heed of the way the Star Citizen Kickstarter was run (frequent updates, meaningful pledge upgrades etc.), but even the intro and procedural generation videos on the Kickstarter page - with an obviously excited Braben in the lead - was enough to convince this old-timer to pledge some of my hard-earned cash into the project.