Razer announces their "savior" of PC gaming

Razer has been running a big PR campaign saying that PC gaming is not dead and that they have what it takes to prove it to the world. Well, now it is here: Razer Blade.

And unfortunately, it is pretty underwhelming. Not because of the features, though, because they are rather decent. According to Razer, you get

The Razer Blade is half as thin and weighs half as much as other laptops in its class at 6.9 lbs and .88 inches in thinness. With the Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GPU, and 8 gigs of ram, you can run next-gen games on its 17-inch LED backlit 1080p screen without a hitch.

In addition, as you can see in the image above, you get a colour touchpad and several macro keys to help you with gaming.

And the things that make it underwhelming? First, the touchpad is on the right, making this unusable to all those you like to use their left-hand fingers to fondle the pad (us lefties for starters). Second, the arrow keys are terrible. Needed in many games, you'd expect Razer to focus on these features, but instead you get the usual netbook style arrow keys with half-size up and down keys. Third, the price. At whopping $2800 dollars you'd expect to get two gaming laptops with the same specs or at least three tabletops with superior specs.

All in all, Razer seems to have made a good attempt, but needs to rethink a couple of aspects at least if they want this to become the de facto gaming laptop people want to have. And if they intended this to save PC gaming... Well, I'd like to hear the reasoning behind that one. They basically took an argument that is not even true in the first place and then pretended to prove it wrong.