Illegal Elder Scrolls Online Keys To Be Deactivated

Illegal Elder Scrolls Online Keys To Be Deactivated

Zenimax Online Studios, who developed The Elder Scrolls Online, has warned that all game accounts created with fraudulent keys will be deactivated today.

In a message to gamers the studio encouraged gamers to shop wisely and only buy keys from a reputable source.

"The companies selling stolen keys make a practice of using stolen credit cards, or misappropriating credit card information from their own customers to buy codes from legitimate retailers," Zenimax Community Coordinator Jason Leavey said. "Often these companies have the lowest price available anywhere for the digital item they are selling. Customers who purchase from these vendors are at increased risk for identity theft."

Any users who have their accounts deactivated will receive instructions via an email explaining how to get back into the game with a legitimate copy.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available on Steam here.