Mojang Release Free Strategy Game; Crown and Council

With no promotion and only a release announcement, Mojang has put out a new strategy game that is totally free on Steam, called Crown and Council.

"Itís Crown and Council, a fast-paced strategy game about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs," Mojang said in its official announcement, "Itís simple to play, but not quite so easy to win: do you spend all your cash on universities, hoping to survive long enough that your book-learniní makes you unstoppable in the late game? Or do you go for a quick land-grab, hoping to put enough boots on the ground to give you an irreversible early advantage?"

Crown and Council is similar to risk. Every turn you earn a certain amount of gold based on the territories you're holding, and can spend the gold to launch attacks, fortify lands, allow enemies exhaust themselves against each other while you gain wealth.

Crown and Council is available for download on Steam for free.