Cities: Skylines Snowfall Expansion Coming Next Week

After a successful first expansion, After Dark, Cities: Skylines is launching a second expansion. Snowfall will be similar to After Dark, in that there will be winter-themed maps. These themed map will have their own series of difficulties that come with the winter season.

Snow and ice will need to be managed by the player, with different types depending on the temperature. A display will allow you to check the temperature to ensure your city is prepared for whatever hail, sleet, or snow may fall. If you're unable to manage the snowfall, your city's traffic will crawl to a halt. Along with this added challenge, there will be new things to build, such as winter parks and landmarks.

A free update-patch for Cities will coincide with the expansion's release date. The update will add cosmetic rain and fog and an expanded UI. Paradox Interactive's patch will also add a new map theme editor that will allow modders to create their own themes.

Cities: Skylines' Snowfall expansion is available February 18th on the Steam Store for $12.99.