Hideo Kojima Done with Konami, Starts His Own Studio

The creator of Metal Gear, Zone of the Enders, and P.T, Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami. After the past year of public battling between Kojima and Konami, including Kojima not being allowed to attend the Game Awards, the mastermind of numerous brilliant games is finally done with Konami. According to Nikkei, translated by Neo GAF, Kojima is forming his own studio with other former Kojima Productions staff.

According to the article, Kojima is currently in talks with Sony Computer Entertainment. Kojimas new game studio is expected to make its debut on the Playstation console, with final negotiations currently happening. No word yet on what the game will be or when we might see something from it, but Id expect it to take quite a few years before release, but possibly well something from it at 2017s E3, or maybe even next years Game Awards.

Also stated in the article; the rights to Metal Gear, unfortunately, remain at Konami, where theyll likely launch their Big Boss Pachinko machine.