Indivisible Hits IndieGoGo Goal

After nearly two months of crowd funding, Lab Zero's RPG, Indivisible finally hits its goal of $1.5 million. Similar to Valkyrie Profile in its combat, Indivisible's aesthetics will be based on South-East Asian mythology, with some influences from other cultures. Indivisible has a huge cast of over 25 original playable characters, as well as guest stars from other games, such as Shovel Knight and Juan from Guacemelee.

"BACKERS!!! WE DID IT," Lab Zero announced on their IndieGoGo page, "And we don't just mean Lab Zero. We mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON who contributed, played the prototype, spread the word, and supported us throughout this long campaign. We wouldn't be here without you, and we mean that now more than ever. We can now say this: INDIVISIBLE IS OFFICIALLY HAPPENING!!!"

There's still a few days left on the IndieGoGo, and Lab Zero does have plans to continue receiving funds over PayPal, so Lab Zero has announced two stretch goals. At $1,650,000, there will be another hour of music by composer, Hiroki Kituta, effectively doubling the amount of music. Also, at $1,900,000, there will be an animated intro by two animation teams.

If you're interested in Indivisible, it's not too late to donate, so check out their IndieGoGo page for more information.