New Heroes Revealed For Star Wars Battlefront

With the BETA for Star Wars Battlefront being recently made available, fans have been able to get a look at Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on the battle field. Now, we have some descriptions of three new playable heroes, Han, Leia, and the Emperor, as shown in a Playstation Blog post by Jason Keen, Lead Designer of Battlefront.

The first off is Princess Leia Organa, one of the leading figures in the rebellion against the Empire. Due to not being specifically combat oriented, DICE elected to make Leia play more of a support role. The Princess focuses mostly on buffing allies, dropping ammo and giving shields. Rebel troops that spawn near her receive the Alderaan Honor Guard buff. She also has the combat ability called Trooper Bane, which allows her to one-shot enemy Storm Troopers, as she did in the movies frequently.

Second is the Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder, Han Solo. As the smuggler who does what he wants when he wants, Solo is a “lone-wolf” character and is all about “offensive output, damage, and mobility”, acting separate from the rest of the troops. As a hero, Solo can use Rapid Fire, allowing him to quickly fire shots from his Blaster Pistol without worrying about overheating. He also a Lucky Shot, a charge shot that is effective against Vader’s block and enemy vehicles. Lastly, Han has a shoulder-charge, akin to his maneuver he used in the first Star Wars, allowing him to move quickly through the battlefield.

And lastly, the evil, and all-around passionate guy, the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. The Lord of the Sith has the classic force-lightning he used in Return of the Jedi, as Palpatine behind it all!well as a Force Dash that seems to emit lightning, while Palpatine moves through the field. Dark Lord Sidious, like Leia, is a support character in some aspects, buffing Storm Troopers. He can also use his force trick to reveal enemy locations. Shock Troopers can spawn to Palpatine’s location.

Star Wars Battlefront comes to PC on November 17th for the US, and 2 days later for Europe and Australia.