Metal Gear Online 3 TGS Gameplay Demo

There's a lot to see in the TGS 2015 Gameplay Demo for Metal Gear Online 3, and this is just a brief taste of the many features we'll see. The demo goes over the three classes of characters, infiltrator, scout, and enforcer. For stealth players, infiltrators are experts at close combat, using tricks to hide from enemies and get close. If you prefer sniping and marking enemies from a distance, the scout allows you to keep a bit of distance from the battle and offer far away support for allies. For players who like to go in guns-blazing, the tank class has high endurance and takes a lot of hits, while wielding heavy weapons.

The demo goes over the Bounty Hunter versus mission. The premise is simple; each team starts with a number of tickets, and every death or extraction on a team takes the number down by one. However, every kill a player has stacks up on them. If the opposing team extracts a player with a bounty, those kills will be added to that teams overall ticket. With the bounty system in a match, a team can quickly turn the tide of battle.

And of course, we got to see two special characters, Revolver Ocelot and Venom Snake. Ocelot, who duel-wields revolver, can use his classic ricochet shot to bounce bullets off certain surfaces to hit players in hiding. Snake, on the other hand, has his lethal Rocket Punch that can be launched from a distance, like a remote rocket.

MGO3 goes live on October 6th.