Red Ash Fails Kickstarter Campaign

After a poor Kickstarter campaign by Comcept, Red Ash did not reach its goal of $800,000, only reaching $519,999. The spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series, Red Ash was released about a month out from the advertised release of Might No. 9. Red Ash's campaign was riddled with numerous controversies.

The initial announcement of both a Red Ash game and anime Kickstarter, while Mighty No. 9 had yet to be released, sparked some outrage. Some fans believed that they hadn't seen if Comcept's nostalgic send-up to the Mega Man series could work, let alone another spiritual successor to a different Mega Man series.

As the campaign progressed, it seemed to lack transparency, with fans calling into question what they were actually funding. The advertised $800,000 would not even fund the entire game, but only part of the episodic series. The partners in the development were called into question as to whether or not they could make such a game work.

As time went on, the Kickstarter seemed more and more likely to fail. Luckily for Inafune and Comcept, they managed to secure a publisher, in the Chinese company, Fuze, effectively changing the nature of Red Ash's Kickstarter campaign into only stretch goals for the game.

After a confusing month of campaigning, the Kickstarter both succeeded and failed, so we'll have to wait and see how Red Ash turns out.