KnightMayor, a studio of mostly ex-Bioware staff, announces Mooncrest

A new small studio has popped-up and with it a new game, Mooncrest. The team of mostly former Bioware staff worked previously on Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now the team has assembled to bring us a game that will remind us of those classic Bioware RPGs.

"Initially James and Rick met together at BioWare Edmonton while working on Mass Effect," The official website says, "Prior to that, James had worked on Jade Empire and Dragon Age. After Mass Effect‘s release, James transferred to BioWare Austin while Rick moved on to the Dragon Age team. Eventually, Rick transferred to BioWare Austin as well. There they met Brian while working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Through mutual friends at BioWare Austin, they were introduced to Jeff; an Art Director from the pen-and-paper RPG industry.

The studio's new game Mooncrest will be a story-driven RPG, that focus on the relationship of two heroins, Sera and Pirotase as they uncover a conspiracy within their city. The narrative is said to be incredibly character focused, with the two heroins being the only main characters, while the combat will be similar to Dark Souls.

The game looks to be just beginning its development and may head to Kickstarter, so stay with us for more updates.