Fallout 4 E3 News; Settlements, Story, and Release Date

At Bethesda's E3 conference, Todd Howard took the stage to tell us a lot about Fallout 4. He showed us a lot of gameplay for the upcoming title.

Fallout 4 will allow you to choose your race and gender, just as always, but you'll also have a fully voiced character. The game's dialogue seems to resemble the Mass Effect series, but you are still given the option to experience it in third or first person perspectives, as well as simply walking away, mid-conversation. Your character may also have their name said in dialogue, as Bethesda has recorded over a thousand popular names into their voice acting. The character begins in pre-war times, the day of the Nuclear Apocalypse. Your character, your spouse (both of which you design), and your child all flee to Vault 111. Other elements are unclear, but you awake from Vault 111 as the sole survivor. You can meet your former Mr. Handy, as well as the Dog companion shown in the trailer. The game is confirmed to be set in Boston and the surrounding area.

Todd Howard specifically showed off the crafting system, which is incredibly in-depth. Static items, such as tires and metal, along with items you can pick up can both be converted into raw crafting materials that can be used to make weapon, armor, and power armor modifications, with over 50 base weapons and 700 modifications. The raw materials can also be converted into making building to create your own settlement. There are several settlement sights that the player has the option of founding. If the player does found them, they will need to make defenses and traps in order to defend themselves and the people living there, some of which are merchants who sell rare items.

Bethesda also showed off a mobile app for iOS and Android that can act as your Pip-Boy menu, which will release alongside the game.

Fallout 4 will release November 10th, 2015.