Alleged Dark Souls 3 Info Leak

From Software's unannounced sequel to the Dark Souls series allegedly leaked information. This news comes to us from YouTube gaming channel, The Know. The video says that Dark Souls III will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2016, with a PC release being "negotiable". Also in the video, screenshots are shown, alongside interesting and somewhat vague news. According to The Know, there will be 10 starting classes, 15 new bosses, and 1-4 players will be supported. The invasion system seems to be heavily altered, and if the video is to be believed, the game will make numerous references to the previous games.

Here's the video, but I should warn you that the format of the video makes some of the leaked information unclear. I should also warn you that these guys shout a lot.

Also of note, The Know, only last week, spoke about leaked info that Microsoft was in the process of buying the Silent Hill series, which proved to be false. Whether their sources are poor or they're not entirely truthful, I couldn't say, but please take this rumor with a healthy amount of cynicism.

In the meantime, we'll wait for E3 to see if Dark Souls III makes an appearance.