More Developers Announced for E3 PC Gaming Show

PC Gamer recently announced its team up with AMD to present a PC Gaming show at this year's E3 conference. Several developers came alongside the announcement, saying they were going to be making appearances at the show to announce and show PC games. Some of the first announced developers include, Blizzard, Square Enix, Humble Bundle, Dean Hall, Paradox, and more.

Now, PC Gamer has announced that more developers will participate in the conference. ArenaNet (Guild Wars), CCP Games (EVE online), Creative Assembly (Total War series), Fullbright (Gone Home), Frictional Games (Amnesia series), Frontier Developments (Roller Coaster Tycoon series), Nexon, Pixel Titans (STRAFE), SCS Software and Splash Damage (Brink) will all be making appearances in some way.

The conference will be hosted by Sean Plott and will be broadcast on Twitch on June 16.