SEGA Disappointed in Alien: Isolation's 2.1 Million Units Sold

After releasing their financial report for the past year, SEGA called the 12.3 million sales of all their games 'weak'. SEGA said last year that they expected less than this, planning for roughly 11 million sales. SEGA pointed out Alien: Isolation, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal as examples of weak performers. Alien: Isolation sold 2.11 million units, while both the Sonic Booms sold a combined 620 thousand units. The Persona series, on the other hand, has sold over 6 million units. Overall, SEGA's software sales went up by 41% over last year.

As for SEGA's finances, the company earned ¥111 billion ($925.7m) in revenue, up 11 percent compared to last year. ¥44.8 billion of this came from physical sales and ¥44.7 billion from digital. Operating income rose to ¥4 billion ($33.4m), around double from last year. A new loss of ¥11.3 billion ($94m) makes up the bottom line, which isn't ideal for SEGA considering last year's profit of ¥30.7 billion.

SEGA is planning to release 46 new Free-to-Play mobile and PC games within the year.