PC Gaming Show Coming to E3

E3 has lacked any real PC gaming representation, despite its incredible growth over the past several years. PC Gamer and AMD look to change that this year by bringing a large PC presentation to the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

"The PC Gaming Show embodies the spirit of innovation, openness and community that's part of our DNA—delivered by gamers, for gamers." AMD Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Computing and Graphics Matt Skynner spoke about the announcement, "The time is right for a PC-focused event in the week of E3 and we're honored to be part of bringing the industry together."

The PC Gaming Show is expected to feature many developers such as Tripwire Interactive, Obsidian, Blizzard, Square Enix, Cloud Imperium Games, and more. The Humble Bundlers will also make an appearance, as well as Dean Hall, the man behind Day Z.

"Unlike other platforms the PC has no format holder, no marketing department, and—until now—no event during E3 week purely devoted to it," Global Edior-In-Cheif at PC Gamer Tim Clark said, "We think a show like this, which brings together people from every corner of PC gaming to celebrate the exciting things happening, is long overdue. We hope you’ll join us, in person or on stream, to be part of it."

The PC Gaming Show will stream through Twitch on June 16th.