The Black Glove is off

Well, it looks like The Black Glove won't be coming out any time soon, if at all. Developers Day For Night Games have confirmed that the experimental sci-fi adventure has been put to bed for the foreseeable future.

There are a few words written in Latin on the back of The Equinox mirror mode in The Black Glove. They translate to:

“Forgive those who struggle against fate.”

It seemed like an appropriate message to hide in a game about altering the mistakes of the past and, well… it’s come to mind a few times recently.

[...] We’ve decided to shelve The Black Glove for now.

We originally reported on The Black Glove back in October last year, when it was looking to get just over $500K in funding on Kickstarter. By the end of the campaign, things were already looking shaky, as the project didn't get even half of that target.

At the time, the team at Day For Night seemed optimistic about the project's future, but it seems, over time, the financial struggle took its toll. Core team members have begun work on new projects, and interest in the game has waned. With all of that, it looks like the project may never see the light of day. Or will it?

Design legend Paul Neurath said to us recently, “In my experience, good ideas don’t have expiration dates.”

They’re words we’ve really taken to heart, so we intend to return to The Black Glove later when we can do it right.