GTA V will have Rockstar Editor feature

With the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V primed and ready for tomorrow, Rockstar have unveiled a trailer for the new Rockstar Editor feature.

A more in-depth evolution of the editor seen in GTA IV, the Rockstar Editor allows you to capture, edit, and export videos from within the game itself. There are a whole host of new filters and effects on offer this time around, though, including the 'Director' mode, which allows players to select from any character or animal and act out their own machinima creations.

Interestingly, there's a brief mention of 'gameplay mods' available through the Director mode, including explosive punches and low gravity. With all these opportunities for customisation, I expect we'll be seeing a huge number of amateur films being made within GTA V over the coming months as people get to grips with the tools.

Check out the new features in action below:

nVidia have also chipped in, releasing a new 'Game Ready' driver for their line of graphics cards, in preparation for the launch of the game.