Descent: Underground successfully Kickstarted

Despite it being from way back in the murky depths of the mid-90s, I remember Descent very well. I remember twisting, turning passages, and I remember an arsenal of cool sci-fi weapons, but most of all I remember having to try very hard not to throw up from motion sickness.

Now, Descendent Studios - made up of ex-Star Citizen team members - has successfully raised enough money to bring back that famously hurl-inducing franchise. Just over $600,000, in fact, which was barely enough to scrape past their funding goal in the last few hours.

The new game will feature the classic six-degrees-of-freedom flight combat gameplay, but adds destructible terrain and ship customisation to the mix.

Descent: Underground provides all of the different play experiences that players loved in the original titles while adding new elements that take the experience even further.

Tunnel through walls to outflank the enemy, discover hidden pockets of rare and valuable resources, set traps to ensnare enemy ships, and work as a team to accomplish your goals. Keep an eagle eye out for power-ups throughout the map, and uncover more by mining the walls.

Collect resources to save the earth, fund your team, and make your name in the Underground.

If all goes well, it should be released on PC, Mac, and Linux, along with support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, in March next year. More information, as well as further options for funding to achieve stretch goals, is available on the team's website.