Cities: Skylines has sold over half a million copies already

It only came out last week, but city-building sim fans have already shown huge support for Cities: Skylines. The development team posted from the official Twitter account to say they've now sold over 500,000 copies.

The more constructive fans have also been busy cramming the Steam Workshop page with custom content - at the time of writing, there are over 11,000 custom assets for the game, from minor changes to entire new buildings in glorious 3D.
A former SimCity developer from Maxis Emeryville, which EA shuttered this month, has even taken to Patreon to find support as he crafts content for the new game.

The games industry is experiencing one of the hardest times right now.

I, too, was laid off from the industry... specifically, Maxis of Emeryville in their final months. To keep my dream alive, I need to find work soon, or it might be time to start cleaning dishes and wrapping burritos. Instead, I'd rather be here working on artwork to inspire generations to come.

Our own Preston Dozsa looked at Cities: Skylines last week and seemed to enjoy himself. Has anyone else been playing it?