'Ridiculous' number of penises discovered in State of Decay

I've previously opined that the trend for re-releasing games with an 'HD' texture pack a year or two after release is a sign of the creative bankruptcy of modern AAA development, but it seems it isn't all doom and gloom.

While re-animating zombie survival game State of Decay for re-release this April, Undead Labs uncovered a concerning number of male members, apparently inserted willy-nilly by a graphics studio contracted to help out during the game's development.

Speaking to XBLA Fans, senior designer Geoffrey Card said that the sneaky snakes managed to slip "a ridiculous amount of genitalia" into the game. The offending love shafts were concealed by the low-resolution textures, but the problems came thick and fast when Undead Labs began to export higher-resolution versions for the new release of the game.

In a later statement to IGN, a Microsoft representative said: "Undead Labs is no longer working with the contractor in question, and this material will not be present in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition."

While I'm sure most people will be glad to hear they won't get an eyeful when they boot up the re-release, I can't help but feel a little bit stiffed, knowing that we'll never get to see the full extent of the pecker plastering.