New trailer for Westport Independent

The lads over at Double Zero One Zero games have been busy working on newspaper censorship game and Daily Mail-simulator, Westport Independent, but stopped their hard work just long enough to drop us a tantalising new trailer. It hints at corruption and propaganda, and is more than a little bit scary if you really think about it.

You play an editor in charge of choosing what will be printed in the paper, making sure that the content is nice and proper according to the government guidelines. With rebellions against the government rising slowly amongst the public, whose truth will you print?
With its black & white desktop motif, it looks a lot like 2013's excellent Papers, Please. Interestingly enough, Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope made a game with a similar concept as a warmup for Ludum Dare #23, way back in 2012.

I reached out to the 0010 team on Twitter and they confirmed that they're fans.
Believe it or not, it's actually more inspired by Papers, Please. But yeah, [Lucas Pope] has in general been an inspiration. (...) The more [his] games get recommended, the better.

Westport Independent, too, was originally developed for Ludum Dare, and it's always heart-warming to see indies taking their jam ideas forward as fully-developed games.

The game has been picked up by publisher Coffee Stain Studios, who brought us Sanctum and, er, Goat Simulator, and is currently scheduled for release some time this year for all platforms. We'll be keeping Westport Independent under careful surveillance, and responsible citizens are encouraged to do the same by checking out the official website.