Godus descends into development hell

It's been in development since 2012, but it's now looking like Peter Molyneux's next god-game, Godus, won't be finished any time soon.

While it managed to raise over 525,000 in the original Kickstarter campaign, it all started to fall apart at the seams last month, with Molyneux apparently ditching the game in favour of a new mobile title, and the lead designer outright admitting that:
I simply can't see us delivering all the features promised on the kickstarter page, [and] a lot of the multiplayer stuff is looking seriously shaky right now
Today, 22cans has released a video in an attempt to calm the waters and let people know what's going on:

Besides a faint air of desperation, the video reveals that the Godus team has been shrunk from its original size and, combined with the complete mess the project is apparently in, this means development will be continuing for some time to come.
Yes, it is a slightly different team. And yes, there are less coders and artists, but that team is fully supported by 22cans.
We are as passionate as we ever have been as a company and individuals to take Godus from where it is today to where it can be. And that journey could be months and months and months and months.
Not great, considering the original Kickstarter campaign promised a release within 'seven to nine months.'

As often happens when crowd-funding goes awry, the cries of 'refund' are growing louder. It will be interesting to see how 22cans - and Molyneux himself - choose to deal with this over the coming weeks.

It's a delicious slice of 'practice what you preach,' given that it was only a few weeks ago when Molyneux cautioned Microsoft about hyping their new HoloLens tech.
My hope is that their concept video doesn't over promise what the technology can deliver.