Retro racer Drift Stage hits Kickstarter target with 25 days to go

If you grew up anywhere near the 1990s, you know you couldn't go near an arcade, bowling alley, or laser-tag arena without hearing one unforgettable refrain.
It was the mermaid-song of Sega's classic arcade racer, Daytona USA; irresistibly drawing gamers to its cheap, plastic seats and freeing them of their spare change.

Now, it looks like a new game is keen to pick up where Daytona left off - Drift Stage is a throwback to those glory days, soaked in a new coat of glorious neon, and blasting out a soundtrack of pure 90s Sega-rock cheese. It looks absolutely brilliant.

The official Kickstarter page, available here, still has 25 days to go at the time of writing, but has already exceeded its $30,000 target. How much higher it will go remains to be seen, but it seems like developers Super Systems might not know quite what to do with any extra money if they do get it.
'We have a pretty clear vision for Drift Stage, and we don’t want to drastically alter our vision or the project’s scope just to accommodate stretch goals.'
If you're interested, a playable demo is available from the team's page, and if you love the music as much as I do, you'll be glad to hear that Hugh Myrone has a 6-track album available on Bandcamp already.