Thousands of MS-DOS classics now playable in your browser

Get your retro hats on, because the lovely folks over at the Internet Archive have released 2,384 classic MS-DOS games, playable for free in (nearly) any modern web browser. It's a great New Year gift for anyone who grew up playing games in the stark, foreboding realms of MS-DOS - a world of command lines, extended/expanded memory, and SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T3.

The site uses a web-script version of trusted emulator DOSBox, so the performance and accuracy is guaranteed to be spot-on. All the fun of PC gaming's formative years, with nary an autoexec.bat to be seen!

You can access the full list of games here, but if you just want a 'Greatest Hits' of the era, check out the 19 games selected for the MS-DOS Showcase - it includes classics like Commander Keen, Wasteland, and, er, Mario Teaches Typing. I guess I missed out on that one at the time.

NOTE: The emulation requires a recent version of Firefox or Chrome browsers, and does not currently work on Internet Explorer.