Farming Simulator to get its own peripheral

Peripheral manufacturers Saitek have just announced that they'll be making some pretty beefy looking hardware for players of GIANTS Software's Farming Simulator 15.

Farming Simulator to get its own peripheral
Yes, this is the only image available.

The plans for the new controller look suitably ridiculous, showing a massive steering wheel, a front-loader control stick, and an array of buttons for controlling everything from your in-game PDA to the business end of a combine harvester. Given the glut of buttons and an accompanying set of pedals, it should also be pretty handy for other, less agriculturally-inclined video games.

I don't know much about the technical terms when it comes to peripherals, but Saitek are bandying phrases about like 'centre-sprung' and '900 degrees of rotation,' which I can only assume are Good Things™. They also mention something about a 'wheel turning knob,' which I think is an appalling way to refer to a farmer.

No word yet on a release date, but it'll probably be sometime next year.