Super Wolfenstein HD is a free reimagining of the classic FPS

There have been a few good games appearing as a result of the recent Indies vs. PewDiePie game jam. One such game is the fantastic Super Wolfenstein HD, by Broforce developers Free Lives.

It features all the blue walls and Nazi-killing action you've come to expect from the Wolfenstein brand, but with the addition of whacked-out physics. Turns out armed guards aren't quite so threatening when they're lying on the floor, kicking their feet hopelessly like a child having a temper tantrum.

Super Wolfenstein 3D is a loving reimagining of the classic Wolfenstein 3D game by ID Software, but with the big difference of it having realistic physics.

It's guaranteed to give you a laugh for at least a little bit of your day, and you can download it for free here.