First playable build of Return of the Obra Dinn surfaces

Lucas Pope, best known for Papers, Please has been busying himself with new project Return of the Obra Dinn - a first-person mystery with a fascinatingly old-school visual style. We touched on it briefly when it was first announced back in May, but, if you've not been following along on the TIGSource development thread, you've likely not heard anything since.

Today, the very first playable demo of the game has been released, and it's a great opportunity to see the game in action - even if there isn't much of a game yet.

The build is a nice vertical slice but I think just not enough to stand up to serious judgement yet.
It's still very rough and very untested. Hopefully it runs ok on most machines. The core mechanic is only lightly touched on, but you should be able to mentally extrapolate out what's here to a full game.

The download, for Windows and MacOS, is available on here, and it's worth it just to see the amazing use of true monochrome 3D.